Archery Release Trigger

3 or 4 Finger Bow Release for Compound Bow is an Aluminum 360° Rotating Thumb Archery Release Trigger

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

sntxmy Compound Bow Thumb Release Trigger,3 Finger 360 Rotatable Thumb Release for Compound Bow.

The Thumb Archery Release has been tested to hold approximately 100 pounds. Please check compatibility with your bow.

The sntxmy Bow Release Trigger works on all compound and recurve bows with a D LOOP. Beginners, experts and professionals can adjust the sensitivity and trigger position to their personal preference.

The sntxmy bow release for compound bows is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grip. Its three-finger release is designed for precise control. kids,Youth, women and adults can easily adapt to the Compound Bow Release technique!

sntxmy thumb release includes 1* nice compound bow release trigger and 1* adjustment tool.

Brand sntxmy
Color black
Part Number 3 finger bow trigger release
Outer Material Aluminum
Size 3.5*3.1*1″

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