Bow and Arrow Set for Adults

TOPARCHERY Archery 60″ Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow Set for Adults Practice Competition Longbow Kit 30-50lbs with 6pcs Arrows Right Hand Black

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

[Upgrade Your Hunting Game] Experience the power and precision of this specially designed wooden recurve bow and arrow from TOPARCHERY. The innovative lamination technology used in the riser combines multiple natural woods to create a striking bow that’s perfect for adult hunters.

[Perfect Specs for Archery] With a total length of 60″ and a string length of 57″, this takedown recurve bow has a brace height of 7-8″ and a draw weight of 30-50lbs. It’s the ideal choice for archers of all levels who want to improve their marksmanship.

[Premium Quality Materials] The 16 strand Dacron strings ensure that the bow is strong and reliable, while the 15″ wooden bow riser length and max draw length of 30″ make it easy to handle and shoot accurately, this recurve bow is perfect for both beginner and professional archers. It’s designed for right-handed shooters and comes with everything you need for outdoor sports and games.

[Unmatched Performance] This bow delivers blazingly fast arrow speeds with an extremely accurate shot and easy draw. You’ll enjoy longer shooting sessions with less fatigue, making it perfect for outdoor competition, hunting, training, and target practice.

[Complete Recurve Bow Set] This set includes a takedown recurve bow, 6pcs carbon arrows, a string silencer, an arm guard, a hand guard, a bowstringer tool, and an arrow case. It’s the perfect package for anyone looking to upgrade their archery game.

Color Red and Black
Model Name HFH
Material Wood, Fiberglass, Maple Wood
Item Weight 1.3 Kilograms

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