Diamond Combination Sharpener

Smith’s DCS4 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener – Double Sided Stone – Outdoor Field Knife Sharpener – Fish Hook & Pointed Tools Micro Sharpener – Lightweight, Compact, Handheld

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

2-STAGE SHARPENER – Smith’s 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener has a two-sided sharpening stone that features coarse and fine grit surfaces for 2-stage sharpening. Each side is color coded and clearly labeled for easy grit recognition.

MICRO-SHARPENING PAD – Each side features a micro-tool sharpening pad and sharpening groove that is perfect for fish hooks and pointed tools. This sharpener also features a lanyard loop for easy attachment to any bag or pack.

Diamond Combination Sharpener INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Both sides of the stone sharpening surfaces contain multiple layers of micron-sized monocrystalline diamonds and a unique interrupted surface design that speeds up sharpening by collecting and holding the metal fillings.

PORTABLE Diamond Combination Sharpener – Smith’s 4” Diamond Combination Sharpener’s handle features a rubber grip and stores and protects the sharpening stones when you are done! Simply detach the stone from the handle & insert the stone into the handle opening for compact storage.

SAFE & EASY TO USE – The soft grip rubber handle provides extra grip for stability during sharpening and features a thumb guard for added protection. This sharpener is a must-have for the field, camping, fishing, hunting, & outdoor activities.

Brand Smith’s
Material Synthetic
Color Yellow
Product Dimensions 9″L x 2″W x 1″H
Grit Type Coarse,Fine Grit

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