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Stall Mates Wipes – Flushable Wipes | Individually Wrapped | Travel Friendly | Unscented with Vitamin-E & Aloe | (30 on-the-go singles)

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

Flush Em’: Certified Flushable. Septic & Sewer Safe. Stall Mates exceeds the highest levels of dispersibility with significantly higher strength and softness than other wipe brands, making our wipe certified flushable.

American Made: Made in USA using clean, renewable solar energy. Our company will forever uphold a passion for the highest standards, an appreciation for diversity, and a commitment to corporate integrity. Stall Mates will give back to its community, care for the environment, and strive for ever-strengthened social responsibility.

Natural Ingredients: Made With Aloe, Cucumber & Chamomile. We use cucumber in our formula, to reduce inflamed or irritated skin, and hydration thanks to its high water content. Aloe vera is rich in water, which helps hydrate the skin. soothe, comfort and moisturize the skin, particularly those with sensitive skin. Chamomile helps soothe, comfort and moisturize the skin, particularly those with sensitive skin.

Sensitive Formula: Hypoallergenic (Paraben, Alcohol, and Fragrance-Free) Your Stall Mates will remain sealed, sanitary and ready for use for two years, even in the most rugged environments. Our fragrance-free wet wipes feature plant-based and aloe vera-infused wipes, ensuring personal cleanliness. These hypoallergenic personal hygiene wipes for adults flushable merge convenience with conscientiousness.

Unscented Flushable Wipes: Introducing Stall Mates personal hygiene wipes designed to cater to men and women. Great for home, apartment, and travel. Our toilet wipes for adults flushable are perfect for personal cleansing. These unscented flushable wipes are designed for wipes for men and wipes for women. Stall Mates cleansing wipes for adults are perfect for backpacking wipes, camping wet wipes, and even apartment essentials.

Brand Stall Mates Wipes
Material Feature Plant Based
Unit Count 30 Count
Skin Type Sensitive
Number of Items 1

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