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Descriptions and specifications

[Upgraded Hidden Device Detectors] The latest K18U chip is applied to new generation K18U. The original detection algorithm is optimized.K18U has improved search sensitivity and strong anti-interference, smarter discovery, more accurate positioning with wider range.

[Camera Detector Three Functions in One]K18U is a finder integrating RF, magnetic field and infrared detection modes. With the functions of intelligent RF detecting and precise locating of bugs, it can detect radio signals with frequency range of 1 MHZ – 8000 MHZ, and the detection range is 160 square feet, ensuring precise capture of signals and providing timely alarm feedback. The magnetic field detector is equipped with a bendy extension probe wire to check the underside of your can.

[Camera Detector Multiple Scenes Detection] Multifunctional K18Ucan be used in many occasions. It can detect monitors, wireless eavesdropping device, car GPS tracking device, mobile phone eavesdropping or abnormal situation, anti-espionage, base station radiation and so on. It can be used in lots of places including hotels, restrooms, changing rooms, examination rooms, and business negotiation location as well as government offices.

[Small Size and Great Endurance]Hidden camera detector portable, fast charging, long battery life. With a body height of only 4.7 inches, k18u is easy to carry in a backpack, a briefcase, a suitcase or pockets and brings you full of security. Built-in a 1000 mAh large battery,k18u can be charged quickly by plugging in the charging cable without battery disassembly, standby for one month after charging for 2.5 hours, addressing your charging problems.

[Notes] If RF mode is using, please turn off known devices transmitting radio signals, such as routers and mobile phone network, to prevent the interference of those signals on the detector and ensuing false alarms caused by them. When the infrared detection mode is employed, ensure a dark surrounding area. With the infrared irradiation of the device and through the lens, observe whether there is a glistening reflection.

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