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Bow Classic 36″ – Home Workout Equipment for Men & Women – Isometric Exercise Equipment – Strength Training Portable Exercise Equipment – Fitness Ab Workout Equipment, Chest, Back & Arms

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

Ultimate Convenience – No setup required, portable home gym equipment perfect for all fitness levels. Bullworker Bow Classic 36″ is compact and easy to transport, making fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of space, time or budget constraints.

Low-Impact – Blast biceps, triceps or use as a joint-friendly chest expander & chest press machine that yields high-impact results! With 5 custom resistance springs, the at home gym equipment offers 0-150lbs of resistance for varying strength levels.

Full Body Workout – Sculpt and engage all muscle groups in the body with this multi-functional, portable workout equipment – all-in-one, at home back workout, shoulder workout, bicep workout, ab trainer, arm & chest workout equipment for men & women.

Accelerate Your Gains – Harness the science of isometric exercise equipment to supercharge your muscle development journey. The Bull Worker renowned techniques deliver unparalleled strength gains up to 66% faster than traditional weightlifting*.

Excellent Craftsmanship – Laser-etched aluminum construction, coated springs & ergonomic handles ensure smooth, comfortable workouts. Plus, Bullworker exercise equipment includes workout routines, exercise breakdowns, and case for on-the-go training.

Brand Bullworker
Material Aluminum
Item Weight 4.5 Pounds
Color Matte Black
Handle Type Strap, Adjustable

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