JPH 2-pack Can Opener

JPH 2-pack Can Opener Military Style Multi-Function Manual Can Opener for Can Beer Tin Opener Comfortable Grip for Arthritis and Weak Hands

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

【Ergonomic Can Opener】Looking for a can opener specially designed with ergonomic features to help seniors with weak hands. These can openers typically have larger, easy-to-grip handles.

【Simple Design】Easy to Use – There are no mechanical wheels, handles or rotating blades to worry about, and no moving parts to get damaged. The larger handle makes it easier to use.

【Stainless Steel】Sturdy and durable construction ensures long-lasting durability and can withstand years of daily use.

【Built-in Bottle Opener】Easily open beer bottles without fingers.

【Avoid Uneven Cans】Do not use the can opener on uneven or irregularly shaped cans to ensure smooth operation. This helps maintain its effectiveness and longevity.

Brand JPH
Color White
Material Carbon Steel
Product Dimensions 2.7″W x 4.3″H
Item Weight 8.8 ounces

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