Kit Ready Emergency Survival Cards

 Disaster Deck – Kit Ready Emergency Survival Cards, Guide, Preparedness, Instructions for Disasters, Earthquake, Wildfire, Hurricane, Tornado, Flooding, Heatwave, and Winter Storms. Stocking Stuffer

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

EMERGENCY SURVIVAL – Durable and waterproof emergency survival instructions to manage and endure any natural disaster. Disasters can spark extreme brain fog so we include what can seem obvious but is critical to your safety.

TRAVEL SIZE – Pocket-sized to keep in your backpack, purse, bike bag, carry-on bag or vehicle.

EASY TO USE – Color-coded for quick reference with clear instructions for both outside and in a vehicle.

MENTAL WELLNESS & FOCUS – Keeping yourself and your family calm, controlled and ready to problem solve is critical. The “Be Well” card gives easy directions for mental and emotional safety, so you can focus on immediate threats to physical safety.

MADE IN THE USA. Woman founded and owned in Oregon.
12 disaster cards including wildfire, hurricane, power outage, tornado, tsunami, flooding, earthquake, heat wave, volcano, thunder and lightning, landslide, and a wellness card for emotional resilience.

Gift giving: perfect for birthdays, graduation, a new vehicle, a vacation, dorm room, and as a stocking stuffer.

Item Weight ‎2.82 Ounces
Brand Name Terra Frma
Color Transparent
Material Plastic
Size ‎Medium

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