Large Capacity Soft Water Bag

240L/63.4Gal Emergency Water Storage Bladders – Large Capacity Soft Water Bag, Foldable Bladder Tank for Drought Resistant, Including Spigots and Overflow Kit

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

Emergency Water Source – The water storage bladder provides you with an emergency water source during droughts, natural disasters or when water is not readily available.

Foldable & Durable – UV resistance material and flexible design making it easy to store and transport, suitable for harsh weather and outdoor use.

Easy to Use – Come with accessories such as metal faucet, valve and thread tape.

Reliable Seal – The water storage bladder is easy to install and fill, allowing you to quickly and easily store potable/non potable liquids.

High Capacity – The water storage bladder has a large capacity and is perfect for locations without fixed water storage facilities, such as the outdoors, gardens, campgrounds, agriculture, emergency water supply, resistance to drought, and protection from fire.

Brand Fischuel
Capacity 240 Liters
Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

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