Practice Hunting Arrows

31Inch Carbon Arrow Practice Hunting Arrows with 5″ Camo Natural Feathers for Traditional Recurve Bow and Compound Bow

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

– Shaft diameter: 7.6mm. Arrow Shaft Length: 31inch. For draw weight of up to 35-50 pounds bows.

– Arrow Vane: Fletching with 3pcs yellow camo 5” real feathers, the arrow feathers are fixed on the arrow and will not be loose due to long-term use.

– Shaft Material: Carbon. Lightweight carbon shafts allow you to shoot straight and further, perfect for beginners and whoever new to targeting & practice.

– Arrow Point: 100 grain replaceable screw broadheads, the tip and the shaft are connected smoothly to ensure the flight well.

– Wide Uses: Carbon standard target practice hunting arrows for traditional, recurve and compound bow.

– Adjustable Nocks: The orientation of nocks is adjustable to fit for both compound bow and recurve bow. You only need a coin to rotate it easily. With replaceable nocks for free.

Color 6 Pack
Material carbon
Model Name Feather arrow
Item Weight 24.99 g

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