Survival 30-Day Emergency Food Supply

Freeze-Dried Fruit Bucket & 30-Day Emergency Food Supply | Survival-Food Disaster Kit, Camping Food, Prepper Supplies, Long Shelf Life

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Descriptions and specifications

Introducing our Freeze-Dried Fruit Bucket, a comprehensive emergency food solution designed to meet your needs during a 30-day emergency. Each bucket is packed with 120 servings of premium freeze-dried fruit. Offering four delicious options: bananas, strawberries, peaches, and apples. With its diverse selection, this bucket ensures both variety and nutrition, providing essential vitamins and minerals for your well-being Food Supply.

EXTENDED SHELF LIFE: Our 30-Day Emergency Food Supply Meals come in robust, enduring pouches engineered to maintain freshness for an impressive 25 years. These durable containers ensure your food remains in optimal condition, ready to provide nourishment whenever the need arises. Whether stored for emergencies or outdoor excursions, you can trust our food supply to stand the test of time and deliver reliable sustenance when it’s needed most.(Emergency Food Supply) and 20 years (Freeze-Dried Fruits).

JUST ADD WATER: Preparation of each serving is effortless, requiring only water, making it suitable for any emergency situation. Whether faced with natural disasters or unexpected events. The simplicity of preparation ensures quick and convenient access to nutrition when it’s needed most. Offering a reliable solution for maintaining sustenance during challenging circumstances.

BE READY: Whether you’re planning for 30-Day Emergency Food Supply rationing or embarking on a hiking or camping adventure, our shelf-stable food is your reliable companion. With its long-lasting stability and convenient packaging, it’s always ready to provide nourishment whenever and wherever you need it. Trust in our products to support you through any situation. Ensuring you have the sustenance required for your journey or emergency preparedness plan.

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