Water Buffalo Leather Driving Gloves for men and women

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About this item

Descriptions and specifications

HAND PROTECTION FOR GENERATIONS: Our premium, full-grain water buffalo leather gloves for men and women consist of provide superior protection. The fibers in this natural leather are densely packed, chaotically woven and glued with natural oils. This mildly thin hide defends against sharp objects like thorns, hooks, and scrap metal, ensuring your safety during all types of work activities. Worn by welders, farmers, ranchers and motorcycle riders.

SECURE GRIP & LONG LASTING DURABLITIY will Increase your confidence and efficiency with a tighter, stronger grip: The tightly woven fibers double stitched together enhances the strength and longevity of our gloves. This hand stitched construction ensures they stand up to rigorous use for men and women, whether you’re driving, welding, gardening, spring ski, ranching or handling heavy-duty tasks around the house.

COMFORT & SIZING: With a full range of sizes experience the perfect blend of warmth and breathability. Our gloves are lined for additional warmth and comfort, while the breathable design prevents overheating. Whether it’s a chilly morning drive or a summer motorcycle ride, these gloves keep your hands comfortable.


VERSATILITY: From driving and motorcycling to camping, fishing, woodworking, and even metal fabrication, these gloves are designed for a variety of activities. Experience the freedom of flexibility with our versatile water buffalo driving gloves.

ADAPTIVE FIT: THE DAYS OF FUMBLING AROUND WITH BULKY GLOVES ARE GONE: Our gloves mold to the contours of your hands and adapt to men or women. Unlike other gloves, our water buffalo leather hides are not stretched or sanded, allowing it to retain densely packed fibers. This feature means our gloves stretch and conform to your hands over time, providing a unique, customized fit for everyone. These become as soft as fur.


Brand Maroon Bell Outdoor
Item model number GLV-D1
Color Brown
Fabric type Leather

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