Water Purifier Filters for Berkey Water Systems

Berkey Authentic Black Berkey Elements BB9-2 Filters for Berkey Water Systems (Set of 2)

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Descriptions and specifications

2 AUTHENTIC Water Purifier Filters for Berkey Water Systems BB9-2 REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS FOR BERKEY GRAVITY-FED WATER FILTER SYSTEMS- Black Berkey Elements can be used with Big Berkey, Berkey Light, Crown Berkey, Imperial Berkey, Royal Berkey, Go Berkey and Travel Berkey Systems.

FILTERS OVER 200+ TYPICAL CONTAMINANTS THAT COULD BE PRESENT IN TAP WATER- Choose only Black Berkey Elements. There are no substitutes for Berkey performance and quality.

INDEPENDENT TESTING- Black Berkey Elements are composed of a unique, proprietary blend of multiple media types backed by testing from accredited, third-party labs. 

Water Purifier Filters for Berkey Water Systems are designed to work synergistically and target specific contaminants that far exceed the reduction capabilities of carbon block filters that are solely composed of activated carbon.

Exceedingly budget-friendly and renowned for their remarkable durability, Black Berkey Elements offer the unparalleled benefit of providing filtered water at an incredibly low cost, translating to just pennies per gallon. Lasting for an impressive 6,000 gallons per pair before replacement is recommended, although individual replacement needs may vary depending on the quality of the influent water source.

THE GOLD STANDARD IN GRAVITY-FED WATER FILTRATION– Authentic Black Berkey Elements are capable of greater contaminant reduction and a longer lifespan than virtually any of the other filter elements on the market.

Material Unique Proprietary Blend
Product Dimensions ‎3″D x 3″W x 9″H
Item Weight 0.01 Ounces
External Testing Certification ‎Black Berkey formulation tested by accredited third-party labs
Product Benefits ‎Water filtration
Brand Berkey
Item Weight ‎0.01 ounces
Manufacturer ‎Berkey

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