Zip Sutures Butterfly Bandaids Kit

Emergency Laceration Closures, Zip Sutures Butterfly Bandaids Kit (4 Set), Repair Wounds Without Stitches, Must Have for First Aid Kits

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Descriptions and specifications

QUICK & EFFECTIVE WOUND CLOSURE: These surgical quality zip sutures include all the essential accessories that can effectively close a wound where you are. Great alternative to stitches, skin glue and butterfly zip sutures. A must-have for your travel bag, lake house, office or home.

VALUE OPTION TO THE LARGE WOUND: Upgraded with 3 strips to zip sutures, it is much larger than a regular design and adequate to treat a large wound up to 3-6 cm long. The package comes with 4 individual packs. That is a better value addition for your first aid cabinet.

PAINLESS & FIRM HOLD: Our laceration closure is easy to apply and remove. They hold the wound more firmly and comfortably than traditional sutures.

HEAL QUICKLY AND NO SCAR: No invasive skin closure, they protect the wound from excessive exposure and help it heal well and quickly and reduce scarring.

BE PREPARED! BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY: Accidents happen everywhere, regardless of our wishes. Keep some on hand to treat serious wounds urgently for the first time, saving time and money on costly ER visits.

Rushing to the ER for painful wound closure is a bad experience. Then there are those who fear traditional stitches. Why suture it when you can zip it yourself?

The AxMed Emergency Wound Closure Device is an excellent alternative to regular stapling, and skin glue in any emergency, saving us costly ER visits! These painless & quick skin closures effectively close a wound in seconds without stitches, preventing excessive exposure and stimulating the skin’s natural healing while minimizing scarring compared to traditional stitches.

These butterfly bandaids are safe for all ages, including kids & nursing moms, great for treating cuts and lacerations in emergency cases. They come with a small package, convenient to store & store. A must-have for all first kids – home, office, outdoor, survival. Think ahead and make life easier.

A must-have for all first aid kits – home, office, outdoors, and survival. Think ahead and make life easier.

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